From The Hellmouth - S​/​T EP

by From The Hellmouth




Noah Buchanan | Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming
Alan Cassidy | Drums

From inside the twisted halls of the Underworld comes From the Hellmouth, the latest and most savage creation to spew from the bowels of Hell. Taking cues from Bloodbath & Hypocrisy with a modern spin, From the Hellmouth blends extremity, powerful production, and touches of melody to fuse a sound that rings your neck relentlessly until it separates your head from the body. Whether you prefer your death metal textured or bare as bones, From the Hellmouth surely will not disappoint as it stakes its claim as a death metal force to be reckoned with.

"Heavy as fuck death metal that fuses a Morbid Angel vibe with slam, how can you go wrong?"
- Dan Gargiulo (Revocation & Artificial Brain)

"Pounding old school death metal with a refreshing flavour combined with epic passages. Relentless, brutal and atmospheric!"
- Job "Phenex" Bos (Dark Fortress & Satyricon / live)

"....drums like machine gun blasts, guitars resembling the constant roar of unholy war and deep, guttural vocals, spewing out malice and terror.....This is crushing old school death metal, or did you think I mentioned Morbid Angel, Hypocrisy and Deicide by accident?..."
- Serge, Merchants of Air


1 | God Told Me To
2 | To Infest The Mind
3 | Eat the Blade
4 | Carved From The Flesh Of God
5 | We Rise


released August 25, 2015

Recorded in May 2015
@Brainchild Studios | Cleveland, Ohio | USA

Logo By: Christopher Horst



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Redefining Darkness Records Cleveland, Ohio

There was a time when heavy, unfiltered, and dangerous music was harvested and supported by those unafraid to venture to those parts of the mind and soul unknown to the masses; the very left hand path of the psyche that when tapped flows through ones veins for eternity

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